R&S CMW500 寬頻無線通訊測試儀

R&S CMW500


R&S CMW500寬頻無線通訊測試儀可支援端對端C-V2X安全相關方案,提供實驗室C-V2X(cellular vehicle-to-everything)設備驗證。CMW500-無線設備生產測試:在可擴展性,測量準確性,速度方面取得突破。 支持WiMAX的無線設備的新一代測試設備。

  • Base model: general-purpose RF power meter and CW generator with list modes for fast calibration of wireless devices
  • Vector signal analyzer (VSA) for transmitter verification with MELM (Multi Evaluation List Mode) for fast verification of wireless devices
  • Vector signal generator (VSG) for expanded receiver testing: ARB mode for short setup times for complex signals
  • Signaling (network emulation) for functional sample testing
  • Dual port frontend allows minimized handling time, one DUT can be measured while the second DUT will be loaded to the test fixture
  • Easy connection to multiple radios on one wireless devices by using the integrated multiport RF interface
  • Reference RF power measurement enabled by direct connection of R&S®NRP-Z power sensor series
  • State‑of‑the‑art graphical user interface (GUI)
  • SCPI remote control via LAN/GPIB interface
  • Ready for LXI Class C
  • Process controller with Windows® XP OS for test routines and remote control via Windows® Remote Desktop

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